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Same Practice, New Location

We have exciting news to share with everyone! Our practice facility has been so well loved, that just like a favorite pair of shoes, the wear and tear is showing through. Simply, the time for much needed repairs and updates have arrived. We found a new and close-by location! This location will support the needs of our patients in the long-term. What is the best part? Even though the surroundings will change, our entire dental team will remain the same!

Where? Fallbrook.

When? To be determined, but most likely at the start of 2018.

***Update: To be determined, but most likely at the start of 2019.***

We will continue to update everyone of the progress on the new location. Our current location will remain open while the new location is being updated to allow for a smooth transition. Patients of record will also be updated by mail when we have a more specific relocation date.

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