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We've Moved, Finally!

We are pleased to announce that we will officially open the new Fallbrook location this Monday, April 22, 2019!!! Our amazing team has been extremely busy with all that is needed in getting ready to open in Fallbrook.

The Fallbrook location has been two years in the making, and I would like to thank all of our amazing patients and friends for encouraging us through this transition. Above all, my dental team has my heartfelt gratitude for working together to achieve our goal in providing superior dental care in this contemporary facility. Morgan, Heather, Dana, and Rainy deserve a great deal of thanks, and I am so happy to share this experience with them!

As many of our patients are aware, the Bonsall location holds a lot of memories for the years past under the care of Dr. Perri. Although we will miss our old location, we look forward to making new memories in Fallbrook, since the future appears so bright.

Open House TBA!

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